Born and raised by a single mom in the town of New Richmond, Wisconsin, Sam Nolte is a midwestern girl at heart. Though she was raised as an only child, she grew up with four dogs and a mother who took her on outdoor adventures anywhere from camping across Wisconsin, to canoeing and fishing in the lakes of Minnesota. Her mother is an elementary school teacher and a volley ball coach while her father, a musician from eastern Florida, was out of her life until the age of 15. Though he wasn’t present physically, she definitely inherited his love for music and performance.

    Samantha has been playing music, dancing, and acting since she was five. While in high school, Sam participated in drama club, band, orchestra, destination imagination, and was also a competitive dancer, winning titles for her tap solos 3 years in a row. She went to college for dance in central Wisconsin, where she also began to take theater and stage combat classes. 

    Upon graduating college, Samantha ventured off to Chicago where she joined a tap dance company,  but left soon after joining in order to focus on theatre and producing her own work. She co-wrote a musical stage act called
Sirena, and spent the next four years touring her show to renaissance festivals around the country. While on tour, she accidentally fell into a flying trapeze class, and now also harbors a love for flying trapeze and aerial silks. 

   In 2015, Samantha took a hiatus from Sirena and attended the Tom Todoroff Conservatory for Acting in New York City. She graduated the program in spring of 2017.

    Samantha currently resides in New York City with her dog
Liam, and  still writes and performs once a year with Sirena at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.